Mineral Processing

Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Separation - Rare Earth Drum & Roll Separators - Reading Magnetic Separation Equipment

Kaenat Enterprises supplies a wide range of specialised wet or dry magnetic separation equipment utilising either electromagnets or rare earth magnets to achieve separation.

Our range of Reading magnetic separators includes:

  • Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators (WHIMS) - The Reading WHIMS is an unrivalled piece of mineral processing equipment. It affords the most efficient separation of paramagnetic minerals in slurry form when drying of the material is undesirable or uneconomical.
  • Induced Roll Magnetic Separators (IRM) - for separation of weakly magnetic industrial materials. They boast a performance exceeding any other type of dry electromagnetic separator. Unit capacities from 2 to 12 tph are available.
  • Rare Earth Drum and Rare Earth Roll Separators - With high unit capacities and separation efficiencies together with low power consumption and operational requirements, the separator of choice in most installations over the last 5 years.
  • LIMS & MIMS - Ideal for removing magnetically susceptible minerals in applications like coal, mineral sands, iron ore, taconite and other industrial minerals.
Fine Gravity Separation

Fine Gravity Separation - Spiral Separator - Spiral Plant - MD Gravity Separation Equipment

The majority of Mineral Sands, Iron Ore and Coal processing plants world-wide rely on gravity separation equipment designed, built and supplied by Kaenat Enterprises for their survival.

Coal Spiral Separators

Our LD4 spiral pioneered the use of modern high capacity, light weight, durable spiral separators for fine coal beneficiation.

The LD7 spiral includes a number of features specifically requested by the coal industry. The LD7 spiral offers superior fine gravity separation efficiency and feed handling capacity and continues our tradition of excellence in high capacity coal spirals.

Mineral Spiral Separators

Continuing development of our range of spiral separators for treating heavy mineral containing material has resulted in groups of spirals specialized for each specific duty.

  • Low-grade (LG) spirals - to concentrate heavy mineral from slurries containing generally less than 10%HM (e.g. the LG7D spiral)
  • Medium-grade (MG) spirals - to concentrate heavy mineral from slurries containing 10-25 %HM (e.g. MG2, MG4B, MG4CF and MG6.2 spirals).
  • High-grade (HG) spirals - to further concentrate feed of greater than 25% heavy mineral. Models include the HG7E, HG8E and HG10A
  • Wash-water (WW) spirals - utilising additional process (wash) water to maximise the grade of concentrate produced by minimising the recovery of fine, low specific gravity minerals. Models include the WW6E
  • Fine mineral (FM) spirals - FM spirals effectively recover the heavy minerals in slurries of material finer than 150 mm . Models include the FM1
  • High Capacity (HC) spiral - These super-high capacity spirals have been designed specially for more economical and compact plants. The facility to add wash-water can be added on some models.
Kelsey Centrifugal Jig

Kelsey Centrifugal Jig

The Kelsey Centrifugal Jig is a radical departure from the conventional jig configurations presently being used. The concept of the Kelsey Centrifugal Jig utilises all the parameters of a conventional jig, as well as the additional feature of being able to vary the apparent gravitational field. This gives added flexibility in the selectivity of particle acceleration. Where, as in a conventional jig, the dynamics involve only specific induced movements, the Kelsey Centrifugal Jig takes a conventional jig and spins it in a centrifuge.

This leads to the following key benefits:

  • High grade and recovery
  • Efficient separation of minerals with low sg differentials
  • Efficient separation of fine minerals
  • Single-stage processing, with no middlings
  • Truly continuous operation
  • Environmentally friendly (No reagents)

The models available include:

  • J200 KCJ - laboratory test unit, with nominal capacity of 15-100 kg/h solids
  • J1300 KCJ - smallest commercial unit, with nominal capacity of 2-30 t/h solids
  • J1800 KCJ - largest commercial unit, with nominal capacity of 5-60 t/h solids
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