Material Handling

Charger Hopper / Truck Loading Feeding Units

These are Designed for transferring material using a wheel loader.


  • Stockpiling
  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Loading rail cars
  • Dust Recycling and Storage
  • Feeding material onto ground conveyors
  • Loading barges
  • Feeding material into large trenches
  • Feeding associated Telestack equipment

Key Benefits:

  • Telestack offer a wide range of site mobile hopper feeder conveyors to suit many applications where material is received from a wheel loader.
  • Further options include dust suppression, belt covers and variable speed
  • We offer a range of hopper capacities and lengths of conveyor, from straight incline to cambered boom versions for loading barges and rail cars.
  • Clients can opt for wheels or crawler tracks, radial or linear travel and electric or diesel hydraulic power.
  • Dust hopper allows 'Just in time' production through direct loading of trucks from crushing and screening plant. Also, it stops contamination of the material and eliminates dust airborne on site.

Radial Telescopic Stackers

Telescopic conveyors are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of stockpiling applications


  • Stockpiling in warehouses and storage sheds
  • Stockpiling sub-base road materials
  • Stockpiling in areas where space is at a premium
  • Loading multiple rail cars
  • Stockpiling various materials into bays
  • Material transfer
  • Blending recycled material with virgin aggregates

Key Benefits:

  • The proven best method of maintaining material quality in a stockpile
  • Modular design for cost-effective shipping worldwide
  • Provides a higher quality product at a lower stockpiling cost per tonne - no use of labour or wheel loaders to build stockpiles
  • Greatly reduces segregation and eliminates stockpile compaction and contamination
  • Increases the value of material per tonne through blending
  • Modular design for cost-effective shipping worldwide
  • Stockpiles up to 30% more material in a given area compared to similar sized stackers. Road and site mobile (check local regulations)

  • Click here Click here to view a demo

Tracked Telescopic Stockpiling / Variable Link Conveyors

High Capacity Stockpiling and Link Conveyor in any Terrain


  • Stockpiling crushed stone and sand & gravel
  • Re-feeding oversize material
  • Variable Link conveyor between primary and secondary crusher / screener
  • Stockpiling mineral ores
  • Stockpiling C&D and domestic waste, top soil, coal, grain etc.
  • Loading trucks and rail cars
  • Loading barges
  • Receiving crushed material and stockpiling safely over a quarry face / bench
  • Embankment dressing

Key Benefits:

  • Instant set-up - drive off low loader, track into position and begin production.
  • Process a complete blast by moving just the primary crusher and excavator - use the tracked conveyor as a telescopic link to the rest of the mobile secondary plant. Greatly reduce the number of machine movements thus eliminating costly dowtime
  • Single man crushing operation (reduced labour costs)
  • Easily transportable on the road via low loader and highly mobile on-site - capable of moving and operating over many types of terrain
  • Unique telescoping action allows for a generous conical stockpile capacity of 750 m3 (1,200 Tonnes) and radial capacity of 3955m3 (6,360 Tonnes) through 120 deg.
  • Removes the need for a dedicated wheel loader to constantly remove material from a crusher, screen or shredder
  • Capable of stockpiling 8 inch (-200mm) down crushed or screened material at speeds 600TPH +
  • Wide range of operating positions with variable discharge height between 3.5 and 8.0 metres @ 18 deg and variable conveyor length between 15 and 24 metres
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